Massage Chair Parlor

Chocoma is a 24-hour massage chair parlor where you can use the latest massage chairs for 300~400 yen per 10 minutes.

We currently operate a total of three stores in Iriya and Asakusabashi, and Naka-Itabashi and Nakajuku, Tokyo.

We have the Anma-Ou IV, which can massage stiff shoulders and back tension, and push pressure points on the feet all at the same time, all on one machine.

You can use it alone in a wander, or since it is a small massage parlor with only two seats, we recommend using it with a couple or a couple 🌟.

The store is bright and simple with white as its precious color, and it is open 24 hours a day, so you can use it even late at night.

Fee: 300~400 yen / 10 minutes (cash or cashless service)

Business hours: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year


Phone: 070-8533-1870


Chocoma is run by a husband and wife team.

We both used to like massage chairs and often used them in public bathhouses and shopping malls.

Over time, we began to feel that we wanted massage chairs to be more readily available in our daily lives, so we thought, "Then let's make our own store," and started Chocoma.

This is our first time running a store, but we wanted to do it without spending as much money as possible and with our own touch, so we did everything ourselves, from designing the signage to decorating the store (putting up the walls, floors, and ceiling, etc.).

I'm sure there are many things we haven't done right, so I would be very grateful for any advice you could give us through surveys or other means.

How to use Chocoma

(1) Change your shoes

Take off your shoes and change into slippers before entering the store. No shoes or slippers are allowed inside the store.

② Sit on the massage chair

Take off your slippers and jacket and sit on the massage chair.

🚨 Be sure to sit down before putting in money. The massage chair will start working as soon as you insert money.

③ Pay the money.

The fee is 300~400 yen for 10 minutes.

Cash payment and cashless payment (PayPay, Melpay, WechatPay, credit card, etc.) are available.

④ Enjoy the massage

A wide range of areas are carefully massaged, including the neck, shoulders, back, arms, waist, buttocks, thighs, and soles of the feet.

There are several courses available, but the "Zero Gravity Course" is most recommended. (If you do not change the setting, you will continue with the weightless course.)

Cashless payments


Please click here for supportive comments and requests for improvement 📝.

On our official LINE account, we are happy to exchange questions and requests, and also provide coupons and the latest information!

Crowded time

We recommend that you stop by on weekdays between work and housework, as we are free in the morning and during the day 🌟.

(Most of our guests visit us between 6pm and 1am)

On Saturdays and Sundays, we recommend that you stop by during the morning, midday, and, surprisingly, in the evening as well, as they are free 👍.

(A big difference between weekdays and weekends is that many people use the restaurant between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m., when they are tired after going out during the day).

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